Morgan Freeman offering to prank call your friends for charity

By 98.7 KLUV

Morgan Freeman has golden pipes - we all know this. So why not use them to raise money for charity?

According to People, Freeman has partnered with Omaze to offer his services to prank your friends and family. One lucky winner will receiver a video call from the Academy Award winning actor, and then the pair will team up to prank call whoever they wish! The winner will also receive an outgoing voicemail message recorded by Freeman.

This is all to benefit the Tallahatchie River Foundation and ACLU Foundation SoCal. Morgan says in the video, "Support a great cause and I'm giving you a chance to prank one of your friends or family members from me."

Freeman, 83, even offered up a hilarious example of a prank phone call he could complete for a lucky winner. "Hello Rupert, this is Morgan Freeman and I have one thing to say about your musical stylings. Boo, you stink pal," he said before clarifying, "That's just one option."

If you're not up for pulling a prank on one of your friends, the call doesn't have to be a prank at all. "I could just be a messenger," Freeman suggests.

To sign up, head on over to for a free chance to win. The winner will get to send a prank call to someone they know from Freeman.

The iconic actor isn't the only celeb to team up with this organization either. Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon have all done stints with Omaze for charity.

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