22 Worst Halloween Candies. Tricks or Treats?

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By Mix 94.7

Halloween is a whole different type of holiday this year of 2020.  A full moon will be wrapping up the month of October, as one started it. COVID-19 Pandemic has created a very different type of Halloween.  One that requires social distancing and masks that cover the nose and mouth when out and about attempting to celebrate. Might not be able to go door to door safely, but there are many creative ways to get Halloween goodies. Check out this new candy site for safe ways to celebrate. But when it comes down to it, what kind of treats are wanted? 

Rather than the best Halloween candies, Thrillist put out a worst candy list.  Candies you're suggested to stay away from, and not give out. True you won't see Reese's or Brach's Pumpkins on this list, which are some favs of mine. There are several on this list, I would have no problem eating. See if any of your favs are in this worst list. If many think they are bad, well more for us then right? Weirdo Candy Lovers Unite!!! 

Thrillist 22 Worst Halloween Candies of All Time!
  1. Necco Wafers  - Is it bad I actually like these on occassion? 
  2. Anything that isn't candy like pennies, fruit,  pretzels  
  3. Smarties 
  4. Double Bubble My fav gum this time of year.
  5. Bit-O-Honey  
  6. Mary Janes 
  7. Non- Laffy Taffy 
  8. Hot Tamales  - I enjoy these too.
  9. Good & Plenty
  10. Sixlets
  11. Fun Dip - Toss up
  12. Bazooka Gum - Enjoy it when it's on the softer. Hard as a brick to chew, then I yes a worst.
  13. Pixy Stix
  14. Tootsie RollsAbout the only time of the year I will eat some.
  15. Fireballs  Thrillist wrote "I’ll take my fake-cinnamon sugar bomb in shot form, thank you very much."  I LOVE these. I eat at least 1-2 a day. If I did the shots, well that wouldn't work. 
  16. Candy Corn - I prefer the Brach's Pumpkins. Eat way to many of them during fall /Halloween. 
  17. Bootleg Gummies
  18. Sweetarts -Toss up
  19. Hard Grandma Candies like butterscotches & peppermints 
  20. 3 Musketeers - I enjoy a few during the season. Usually at their freshest, which are the best. Stale is really yucky with this candy bar.
  21.  Almond Joy/Mounds - When I'm in a coconut chocolate kind of mood, these curb the craving.
  22. Wax Lips - I think this should be the #1 WORST.  Is there such a thing as good tasting wax? 

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