5 tips for throwing an eco-fabulous event

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By Mix 94.7

When asked to organize an event, whether it's during the holidays or anytime of the year,  there are many things to take into consideration. Making sure the event runs smoothly and is enjoyable and fun. Making it eco-fabulous should also be on the must-do list for an event. All events create waste, pollution and costs money. The larger the event, the more everything increases.  Here are 5 tips that can create a more eco-friendly event with enjoyable fun and safety in mind for all. 

First Thing: Always follow your local / CDC COVID-19 guidelines before planning a group event where you live. 
5  tips for holding a sustainable /eco-fabulous event.
  1. CateringMake sure you know the number of people attending. The food is locally sourced. Many times there is huge food waste when it comes to bigger events. Be sure to have a game plan on where to donate leftover food. Make sure the suppliers are in the process the entire time, and deliver food in bulk with limited transporting. Avoid single use plastics / plates / cups / utensils when it comes to the food being served and enjoyed. 
  2. VenueSelect venues that have their own environmental / sustainable policy that reduces the carbon footprint as much as possible. Look into their recycling facilities which would give you a  good idea how their venue matches with your sustainable event wants and needs.
  3. Go paperlessDigital technology gets rid of the need to print invitations. Email or promote the event on social media. You will save lots of money in the process, and helping out the environment. Smartphone technology is a much greener way to connect with others before, during and after the event. 
  4. Pick the right timeHaving events during the Christmas & Summer holiday day times can make for more traffic and traveling the guests will have to enudure to get to the event. If it's held during a milder weather time of the year, the venue won't have to be heated or cooled. Having the event during the day, rather than at night means less electricity to be used.  There are many things you can think about regarding these details that can help make your event more eco-fabulous.
  5.  Health and Safety This is a main priority for all attending and working the event. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to know and follow the guidelines of the area the event is being held. Be prepared for social distancing, masks being worn and hand sanitizer areas setup. If it's to much of a risk, go back to picking the right time to have the event. 

These tips were shared by the Green Living Guy that will help in having an event that can be enjoyable and safe while having way less impact on the environment.