A Biking Guide for Summer Fun in ATX

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By Mix 94.7

Austin is known for it's love for biking. Whether you're a bicycle enthusiast, career rider or just enjoy biking w/ family and friends in and around the Austin area ... There's something for everyone when it comes to biking. A great way to get away, in a much more eco-friendly enjoyable way. Easy to social distance while enjoying the beauty around you. It's no wonder Bicycle Magazine ranked Austin as the 7th Best Cycling City in America.  DO512's ATX Biking Guide showcases many reasons to appreciate ATX's biking community. 

DO512: The Biking Guide to Austin

The Trails

The Shops

Biking Thingies to Remember

  • Be safe -aware of surroundings,  wear a helmet and proper gear, know the laws.
  • Choose the right bike - ill-fitting will cause lots of problems for the ride and your safety.
  • Carry your belongings properly - backpack, fanny pack, rear bike basket. Don't take anything that will rattle your ride.
  • Know your laws and respect the road.
  • Plan your route.
  • Regularly tune- up our bike.
  • Lock up your bike.

The Community, the Spots & more here