A decor twist for Halloween in Texas!

 Jacob Boomsma / Getty Image
Photo credit Jacob Boomsma /Getty Image
By Mix 94.7
I heard about a Katy, Texas couple who decided on a different decorating spin for Halloween. Instead of the normal  Halloween decorations, why not do something with things that terrify many ... CREEPY DOLLS.  That's what Brenda and Ian Haynes did. Being inspired by The Island of Dolls located south of the center of Mexico City. It's also known as La Isla de las Muñecas in Spanish. Various dolls found throughout the island.
The Island of the Dolls creation story came from the former owner of the island. Don Julian Santana Barrera believed the dolls helped to chase away the spirit of a girl drowned many years ago.  He found the doll in the water, after she passed. He felt it was her spirit. He started to bring dolls to his house, and they continued to pop up even after he passed away.  Keepng the story alive ... 
Brenda and Ian are big Halloween fans, but Brenda wasn't a fan of traditional Halloween decorations. So the land of creepy dolls in Katy, Texas was created. There are over 100 dolls acquired from family members, thrift stores, and neighbors giving them the dolls. It's all in fun, and is becoming a popular place to snap those cool creepy doll Halloween photos / selfies. Brenda & Ian Love it! You're invited to snap a shot if you're in the neighborhood ...  6000 block of Pleasant Stream Drive in Katy, TX in the Settlers Village subdivision. (ABC 13)