A yummy holiday weekend Winner! Bonus movie surprise!

White Bread Mix TJs
By Mix 94.7

This 4th of July holiday weekend honey Ted, Rudy & I got another bread mix favorite to add to our list. We enjoy making our own pizza, because you can put whatever you want and don't want without any hassles. That is what's up w/ the carrots, blueberries and other thingies on my part. Weird maybe, delicious to me... Yes! Another love we have is thick crust / pan pizzza. Not easy to find during this age of mostly thin crusts, and whatever those cracker thingies that are served as pizza are supposed to be. We have discovered a few bread type mixes that have worked really well for our yummy pizza making adventures. Here's another one to add to it ....

 A recent Trader Joe's visit, I discovered a new white bread mix. honey Ted and I tested it out. It does have a bit of a wait time being that there is yeast to mix and rise. Just follow the directions up to putting it in a bread pan, and you're golden.  We didn't even use the butter in the dough. and it turned out yummy. You make the dough, let it rise about an hour, then spread it in a deeper dish pizza pan. Bake it at 400 for about 8-10 minutes. Put the toppings on it , and bake another 20-25 minutes.

I think I would have stuck to baking the crust the first time about 8 minutes rather than 10, because it was a bit crisper than I normally do, but it still was yummy.  It's pretty easy, as long as you give it some rising time. You should be good. It has nice pizza bones too. The end parts of just crust. PIzza Bones!  Great dipped in peanut butter , honey or sauce. Whatever makes you happy. It's being added to the favorites list.

White Bread Mix TJs


honey Ted and Heather's Favorite Thick Pizza Crust Mixes List:

  1. Auntie Annies Pretzel Kit Mix 
  2. Guinness Beer Bread Mix (dough pack mixed w/ beer / coke.. sweeter which I enjoy)
  3. Harvest to Table Old Fashioned White Bread Mix (Trader Joe's - can't find it on their site, so limited in store for now)
  4. Kathi German Pretzel Mix
  5. Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix
  6. Tomato Basil Bread Mix / Central Market (mix & beer /coke)
  7. Trader Joe's Beer Bread Mix (not in season/ late fall / winter the dough pack mixed w/ a coke / beer)

Movie Bonus:Movie Night at Home during the holiday weekend included Knives Out! The trailer actually doesn't do it justice. I remember seeing clips when the movie first came out. I knew it was a 'who-done-it' type movie, but seemed a bit 'Clue-ish' in the way it was advertised.  Starring Chris Evans (Captain America) , Daniel Craig (James Bond) , Ana de Armas (nominated for Golden Globe for her character Marta Cabrera), Jamie Lee Curtis and many more stars. Chris's character  Ransom Drysdale is nothing like Captain America. The movie is a well done murder type mystery / who-done-it at it's best. A very unique story line, and nice twist you won't expect.  It's worth a watch for sure. Netflix (dvd) , Wherever you grab your movies....  

Movie Rocked! Pizza Yummy , even the leftovers. Rudy Roo, pizza (crumb), stealer approved too. 
Pizza Rudy approved