Austin ISD is providing curbside & delivery Breakfast & Lunches.

School Lunches
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By Mix 94.7

Here's a huge help the Austin ISD is doing for families, while school is out taking precautions due to COVID-19. Breakfasts & lunches will be given out to kids and their caregivers/ parents who are with them. Both curbside & delivery. Here's the who, what, when, where...


  • Austin ISD Food Services will have curbside breakfasts & lunches available for kids under the age of 19 and their parents and caregivers. Each child may received 1 breakfast and 1 lunch each day. Their parents and caregivers w/ them are also able to receive these meals too. (M-F)


  • The meals will be fully cooked by staff in Austin ISD kitchens. Chilled & served cold to be taken home & reheated. The meals will be healthy and balanced with protein, grains, fruits and vegetables. There are vegetarian meal optinos. Plus milk & compostable cutlery will be available. Big You Rocks to the staff cooking & getting the meals together for all the families in need. Austin ISD ... Y'all Rock! 


  • Meals are available Monday-Friday. Curbside / pickup meals will be offered at 16 sites. Plus Austin ISD school buses will deliver meals at bus sites throughout the community at 54 locations. 


Curbside / pickup  will be availble at these locations:

  • Blackshear Elementary School
  • Blanton Elementary School
  • Cook Elementary School
  • Dawson Elementary School
  • Govalle Elementary School
  • Houston Elementary School
  • Linder Elementary School
  • Perez Elementary School
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School
  • T.A. Brown Elementary School
  • Burnet Middle School
  • Dobie Middle School
  • Akins Early College High School
  • Crockett Early College High School
  • Eastside Memorial Early College High School
  • LBJ Early College High School

Delivery options by school buses, maps of the sites and a whole late more here!CBS Austin story