Bear cub gets in trouble with his Mama caught on video

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By Mix 94.7

Sumer Williams and her husband, in North Carolina, woke up to the sounds of a noisy guest on their front patio. They discovered a bear cub peeping inside. Making it a once-in-a-lifetime video moment, which became an even bigger one when Mama Bear appeared. Mama bear's unhappiness with her cub's action has gone viral.  Here's what went down. 

I have to agree ...These visits are just reminders that we are just as much guests in their homes as they are to ours,” Williams said."  How about you?  I've noticed this song popping up more lately since the COVID-19 pandemic. A Spice Girls throwback ... "Mama'.  It's rather fitting w/ this moment, and many moments we have all had with our Mamas growing up. It can be a joy as we get older, if / when that relationshiop turns into friendship. I had that happen with my Mama Betty. Although it's been several years since she was taken away from my life, way too soon, I hold memories that will always be dear to me in my heart.  RIP Mama Betty! Love You Always & Forever!