Benefits of Home Gardening for You

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By Mix 94.7

There are so many stressors we face each day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be hard to fully take care of ourselves, as well as showing love to the environment. It seems many more are turning to Home Gardening. It's becoming more popular and important for physical and mental health. 

Benefits of Home Gardening for You

Physical Daily Exercise / Builds Muscles: 
  • Digging can tone your thighs
  • Hoeing works chest muscles
  • Weeding / pruning can work your abs
  • Gardening 30 minutes each day is a plus for daily exercise. It's much more rewarding than walking on a treadmill.  

Mood Booster:

  • Getting dynamic with nature in general helps lift your spirits. Gardening can be a great stress reliever. We can all use relief from that in our lives.


  • Gardening can relieve and revive. It assists you in working through difficulities. Encourages serenity. Planting, weeding and pruning can give you a feeilng of prosperity. Taking you out of your head, and experiencing something you are accomplishing with your hands. This accomplishment can grow to nurish your body and your soul.

Brain Nutrition:

  • A study of around 3,000 seniors showed those who discovered everyday / home gardening had a decrease for dementia. Gardening includes many basic brain skills that are used such as learning, critical thinking and tangible mindfulness.

Stress Relief:

  • Studies have shown after a day of sitting at work, or following a stressful day, getting your hands into the earth and gardening lessens levels of corisol ... the stress hormone. Home gardening can be a great stress reliever after a hard day / week. 


  • There is research on plant treatments that is encouraged for those who have pscychological instabilities. Creating a garden with a mix of products of the soil with scented and blooming plants can feed all the faculties. From visual taste, to the reviving aroma of new blossoms, to the dietary benefits of gardening. It leaves a feeling of certainty, fulfillment and expands confidence. A sense of accomplishment that leaves you filled with pride. Plus the general benefits of what is planted can help assist with ailments. 

Great Source of Vitamin D:

  •  Getting out in the sun w/ the proper protection as far as clothing and sunscreen can give you a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D does the body good for the bones and mood. 

Being Green / Saving Green / Limiting Pollution:

  • Gardening / growing and eating your own produce made naturally with no pesticides is healthier. Plus saves time and money running to the store.
  • Cuts down on the carbon foot print of the travel of food. It's right there in your garden. No packaging to throw away. Start composting to avoid food waste.
  • If you have children, it's a great way for them to learn. A family home garden promotes the rewards of hardwork and love put into growing food. Makes it more inviting for children to eat their vegetables and fruits. It's an awesome way to spend quality family time together. Plus showing Love to Mama Earth.