Big Floating Flamingo's Competition this Summer!

Large Floating Flamingo
Photo credit marieclaudelemay / Getty Images
By Mix 94.7

The Hot  Texas Summer of 2020 is coming soon! Now is the time to get those necessary items ready. Inflatables seems to be a biggie for many in the ATX area. I have noticed the past few years, one of the most popular ones is the LARGE FLAMINGO!  Making floating on the lake fun, and being sure to annoy the heck out of others with the good amount of pool area it takes up.  Perfect for single floating. This Summer step up the floating party with friends. Bring on the BIG LOVE OF FUN on the LAKE. Or the MOST HATED in the POOL!

Picture you and your friends keeping the Summer of Fun Floating Party going all Day in this ... 

Here's the Member's Mark Island - Airplane Stats:
  • Available at Sam's Club 
  • This inflatable float is 18 by 17.5 by 4.3 feet 
  • Holds 6 peeps
  • Built in cup holders
  • 2 built in coolers for drinks & snacks
  • $169.98  
  • There is also a Boat version - also includes a built - in boarding platform

Other inflatables to check out for the multi-friend floating fun:

Happy Floating!