Celebrate Pizza Party Day with this Easy Pizza Crust Hack

Pizza crust hack shot
By Mix 94.7

Pizza is a favorite meal in my home, especially with such an easy pizza crust hack. A mix that can create a yummy pizza crust. honey Ted and I are thick crust fans, but you could certainly make the crust as thick or thin as you like. That's the beauty of making pizza at home. honey Ted and I have found pretzel mixes make a great pizza crust, and so do beer bread mixes.  When honey Ted dropped by Central Market to get groceries, he found this bread mix that looked like a pizza crust contender w/ one other ingredient. 

Bread Mix and Coca Cola Pizza Crust
Bread Mix + Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper / beer/ something that's fizzy which blended w/ the mix helps it rise. We tend to go sweeter w/ the Coke / Dr. Pepper, but you can certainly do beer or seltzer water. That's the beauty of this pizza crust hack. It's easy and how you want it.
2 Ingredient Pizza Crust

  • bread mix
  • 1 Coca cola ( your favorite fizzy drink)

Mix the bread mix with about 10 oz of the drink really well until the dry is moist. Spread in a greased pizza pan. Bake at the temperature on the bread mix. This new one we tried was 375.  We baked the crust for about 10 minutes, then loaded it with our favorite toppings, and baked another 20 -25 minutes. Bake until the cheese is golden brown, or whatever your preference is. Make sure the middle is done. Cool a bit , then dig in! That easy. 

honey Ted & I give this bread mix a thumbs up. It was really yummy the night of. Leftover a couple of days later cold, it was still tasty, but crumbled apart a bit more than others. The Trader Joe's Beer Bread mix (seasonal) is a winner night of and leftover too. There's a Guinness Beer Bread mix that is yummy, which makes for great leftovers too.  
This Pizza Crust Hack is a yummy way to celebrate Pizza Party Day any day Whether it's a family pizza party, or just you, it's all pizza lovin' yummy goodness. Enjoy!