Could you call this Amazon order Home?

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By Mix 94.7

If you're tired of calling too much space home. Tired of cleaning, pricey utilities and all it takes to keep up a larger space you're calling home.  The Allwood Avalon, you can order on Amazon, could be your answer to 'HOME'. 

Allwood Avalon stats:

  • Allwood Avalon Cabin is $33,000
  • The price is higher than some other similar tiny homes because of the bigger space it offers.
  • 540-square-foot combined ground floor area with a 218-square-foot sleeping loft
  • Two floorplans available with five or three rooms. There’s also a 218-square-foot second story to use as an additional space.
  • Made from high-quality Nordic spruce wood
  • Energy efficient
  • It's kit form with all the needed materials to build.
  • Weird: Only access to the bathroom is from the patio. You'd have your own Outhouse. Not Cold Climate friendly. 
  • Misleading: “Minimal tools are needed”.  It's mentioned a  forklift or a small crane helps with the building process. 

A home,  or a vacation / lake house, guest house, beach or garden cottage, or even a stand-alone retail building. Could one of your Amazon orders in the near future include this?