Creepy Cool Ghosttown and Haunts in Texas

Texas Day of Dead Yuliya Shavyra
By Mix 94.7

It's that time of year! Working to shake off Summer in Fall Y'all turning towards Halloween. Filled with yummy treats costumes and scares. The real scares are around all year around, but are sought after as Halloween gets closer. With COVID-19 putting plenty of scare into 2020, we still want to get out for more. Of course with precaution of masks and social distancing. Thrillist and DO512 released creepy cool haunts that could make you run. Or perhaps stay frozen with fear while screaming. Or ... just some creepy cool times for some scare worthy fun in the great state of Texas. Whoever they are say 'Everything's Bigger in Texas'.  I would put BIG SCARES IN TEXAS TOO! 

Thrillist's Creepiest, Coolest Ghost Town in Every State and here's where to go in Texas. Texas has more ghost towns than any other state. The one that came out on top to visit Terlingua a few miles north of the Mexico border was once the largest mercury mining towns in North America and fell. Terlingua's comeback was in the 1960s bringing the first-ever chili cook-off competition in the world. The population is at 50 from 5. The old theater is a restaurant. The general store is a gift shop. You can stay at the historic Perry Mansion or the CasitasBig Bend Holiday Hotel.  November 2nd is the Day of the Dead Celebration.  

DO 512 Haunted Places to visit in Texas can keep the Big Scare Adventure going:

Texas came in #1 of the top 20 most haunted states in America recently.  Austin being a hotspot city of hauntings. So you could just chill in ATX getting your boo on in your own backyard.  It could be on your street, park, apartment building, home ... Scare time can happen!