H-E-B needs your help when shopping during COVID-19 time.

HEB cart in parking lot
By Mix 94.7

 H-E-B put a tweet out Thanking everyone for their support. Mentioning their shortened hours (8a-8p) so their employees would have more time to restock shelves. With many customers saying they would volunteer to help, H-E-B put out a few ways we could help. Seems reasonable don't you think? 

I know  the tweet mentions putting the cart at the front of the store, which is Awesome. Although in this case, the corral would have been the better option.  

During your limited times out just remember ... Texans Helping Texans / People Helping People. We're all in this together. Look out for each other, and Be Kind. Of course by washing your hands / sanitizing constantly and keeping that social distance ...  To Beat Down & Out COVID-19, it will take TEAMWORK!  BTW... Big You Rocks to H-E-B showing their Love to their team ... Nice to see employers taking care of their own ..

H-E-B also started this today for the Seniors.. another BIG YOU ROCK!