Highest paid actor duties include singing to doggies & pink painted nails

Photo credit Robert Hanashiro USA TODAY Entertainment
Photo credit Photo credit: Robert Hanashiro USA TODAY Entertainment / Dwayne Johnson
By Mix 94.7
Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor in Hollywood for the 2nd year in a row making $87.5 million dollars. He works hard, but makes sure he's there for his family. Family is the most important!  You can see that with his daughters. Jazzy & Tia use their baby girl powers to wrap Daddy Johnson around their cute little pinkies. Here are just a couple of the important duties he completes with Total Love before he leaves to make millions. Daddy Dwayne The Rock Johnson ... ROCKS! 

Miss Tia time singing w/ the doggies ... 

Daddy Dwayne is no stranger to pink painted nails before Hollywood star filming ...

Just a couple of duties that makes the highest paid actor in Hollywood even more Loveable to his fans. THE ROCK ROCKS!