How Photography is raising Climate Change Awareness

Last Polar Bear Coldimages / Getty Images
Photo credit Last Polar Bear Coldimages / Getty Images
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Is 'Climate Change' real?

Photographer James Whitlow Delano has spent a majority of his life travelling the world snapping photos that show the answer. His travels take him around the world, talking to climatologists and marine biologists and learning about many cultures. Delano was inspired many other talented photographers to create an Instagam feed that showcases work from photographers in six continents. Showing the proof is in the photo taken in realtime with the ability to spread to the masses using social media. It's #1Thing and a way to raise awareness about Climate Change in a way that can easily be understood. All you have to do is look... 

Drowning in Plastic 9/1/20 - James Whitlow Delano
The Nelson Island Ice Dome 8/5/20 - James Whitlow Delano

Cliffs crowd King George Island's Drake Passage coast with the glaciers of Nelson Island's ice dome. Covid-19 is causing problems even in Antarctica published in Washington Post @washingtonpost. 7/10/20 - James Whitlow Delano 

Fires burn through the Phnom Tnout Wildlife Sanctuary, in northern Cambodia. 7/31/20 - Sean Gallagher

Shore erosion on Pelly Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. 7 /20/20 - Weronika Murray 

What's standing on the frontline against climate change? Forests! 6/22/20 - Caroline Bennett

Many more photos to see and you can contribute Everyday Climate Change