If you had the dough, whose place would you buy?

Kelly Clarkson & Sylvester Stallone
By Mix 94.7

If you had the dough to buy one of these two homes, whose would it be? Kelly Clarkson's or Sylvester Stallon's? 

Kelly Clarkson's Encino MansionRecently put on the market for $9.995 million. photo gallery  

Here's what $10 Million can get you. Look inside Kelly's 8 bedrooms / 11 bathrooms / master has department store size walk in / 2 bedroom guest house / movie theater / outdoor kitchen/ twin bars/ spa / pool .... lookie here .. 

Or could you see yourself in Sylvester Stallon's digs, which is equally impressive even though it's older, smaller and dare I say cheaper coming in under $3.5 million, I guess that's considered cheap in this case???

Sylvester Stallone's La Quinta Golf Club Home (Mansion)On the market for $3.35 million. photo gallery

Here's what $3.35 Million can get you. Take a look into  Sylvester & family's golf getaway vacation home. 4 bedrooms / 5 bathrooms / Outdoor Kitchen & Pool / Wine Room / Spa & Courtyard / Amazing Views ...

So you have the dough to buy one of these, which would it be Kelly's or Sly's? 

We agreed! Big Love for Kelly's decore, and the home is Amazing! We're surprised to say 'SLY's' for us. We're loving the vacation getaway, yet still homey feel to it. Maybe take a few decorating pointers from Kelly's home.  - Heather, honey Ted & Rudy Roo