It's a Halloween Big-ole OMYG!

Big ole Reeses Pumpkin Cookie
By Mix 94.7

Over the weekend, honey Ted , Rudy and I were in the mood for homemade cookies. I whipped up the recent Big-ole Thick Cookie recipe put together with the inspiration of a few cookie recipes. Here's the  Big-ole Thick Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I wasn't sure what chips to put in, so I did a few different varieties. Multi-chocolate chip (regular, dark & espresso) , cinnamon  & white chocolate chips and the Halloween candy hack ... Reese's Pumpkins.  

Big Ole multi cookies 100320

I cut up a few Reese's Pumpkins, and put them in the frig while I got the dough together. I mix the dough in my mixer. Divide it into 6 pieces, and mix in whatever chips / candy by hand.  Chill the dough, and then bake (17 1/2 min).  OMYG - OH MY YUMMY GOODNESS came out of the oven ... 

Big ole Reeses Pumpkin Cookie 500

When you bite into it, it tastesl like a yummy pb cookie w/ a nice chocolate kick. You could use normal Reese's PB Cups, but the more melty pb filling from the Halloween Pumpkins (or Bats) make for a smoother pb cookie flavor.  A yummy Halloween cookie hack that you could do with your favorite cookie dough. When the Pumpkins are gone, Reese's  Trees can be another yummy holiday hack.  It's got the honey Ted & Rudy Roo lick of approval.