Keepin' Easter Cute & Green w/ Bunny Succulents! So Adorbs! Must See!

Green Bunny Ears
Photo credit VeroRo39 / Getty Images
By Mix 94.7

I don't have much of a Green Thumb, but I think these are so adorably Cute.  Maybe my thumb can turn growing Green Thingies around w/  Bunny Succulents. Look how Bunny Ear / CUTE they are. 

The plant's 'Garden Name' is Bunny Succulent because of it's ear-like appearance. The scientific name is Monilaria moniliforme. The Bunny Succulent is a sparsely branched shrub that grows up to 6 inches tall. When they first sprout, they look like tiny, fuzzy bunny ears ... 

As the Bunny Succulent grows the base stays around the same size, but the ears grow from mini to long Bunny Ears ... 

Now is a Great time to plant them, and by Easter you should see some Bunny Succulents hopping into your Garden. Keepin' Easter Cute n' Green! What do think about them?