Kicked Up Big-ole Cinnamon Cookie Success!

Big-oleThick Cinnamon Chip Cookies
By Mix 94.7

I was so excited to finally make Big-'ole Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies ... Bakery Style .. that Rocked!  A combo of a few recipes got me there. So I thought I would try another combo using one of my favorite seasonings Cinnamon and a couple of changes ... 

Kicked Up Big-ole Cinnamon Cookie

A Crisp on the outside / Moist chew on the inside

Click here for more on the Big-ole Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies Still yummy in an air-tight container for several days. 

Future Bakes:
  • Add in cream of tarter in the mix. Maybe 1-1 1/2 tablespoons to make Kicked Up Snickerdoodle Big-ole Cookies. 
  • A Third variety adding cocoa / chocolate for chocolate chocolate chip big, thick and yummy chocolate lovers cookie.