Lifestyle Choices to Help Protect & Save Our Oceans

Ocean with Plastic Burgs
Photo credit chaiyapruek2520 / GettyImages
By Mix 94.7
Oceans cover 71% of Earth. They are homes to important species and ecosystems. We rely on food, livelihoods, climate regulation and more when it comes to our Oceans. There are ways YOU can make a big difference to help Save Our Oceans, and help each other and generations to come.10 Lifestyle Choices to Help Protect & Restore Our Oceans
  1. Demand Plastic-Free Alternatives There is over 17.6 billion pounds of plastic leaks into our Oceans. This equals dumping a full garbage truck of plastic in our Oceans every minute! Demand that companies create plastic-free alternatives when it comes to their products and packaging.
  2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Simple things like turning off lights when leaving a room. Walking/ riding a bike / taking public transportation to get around. Drink water in a reusable bottle. Little things like these, make a big difference to the Preservation of our Oceans!
  3. Avoid Ocean Harming Products Avoid things such as cosmetics that contain shark squalene, jewelry made from coral, souvenir shells of conchs and other animals. Avoid using single-use plastics like straws & water bottles that end up in our Oceans.
  4. Eat Sustainable Seafood Seafood Guide helps w/ sustainable choices and more.
  5. Vote on Ocean Issues Elect public officials who support good Ocean policies that can help protect them. Do your research on them
  6. Contact Your Representatives and Lawmakers You can Take Action with Oceana. Let them know these issues are important to you.
  7. Explore the Oceans The more you know about something, the more you Love it!
  8. Leave Nothing Behind Collect your valuables and dispose of your trash after a day at the beach.
  9. Share Your Ocean Heroics w/ Friends, Family and Coworkers. Let others know what you are doing to help protect the Oceans. Post photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … lots of social media Love for the Oceans / Environment.
  10. Join Oceana with more than 800,000 members in over 200 countries - Oceana is the largest international organization focused entirely on Ocean Conservation.

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