The list of Lucky 13 Full Moons Expected during 2020

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By Mix 94.7

Full Moon Fever is expected during 2020! 13 Full Moons are expected to shine bright, as long as the clouds cooperate. Here's the list to get marked for viewing on your calendars. Ever notice peeps drive even worse during / on a full moon day / night? Here's your early warning ...

Astronomy experts expect 2 Supermoons. Plus October will have two full moons, making the second a 'Blue Moon' that will be glowing on Halloween. Perfect timing from Mama Nature!  May want to catch the 'Blue Moon' on Halloween this year, because another won't appear on Halloween until the next decade 2039! 
  1. January 10  wolf moon
  2. February 9  snow moon
  3. March 9  worm moon / supermoon
  4. April 7 pink  moon / supermoon
  5. May 7  flower moon
  6. June 5  strawberry moon
  7. July 5  buck moon
  8. August 3  sturgeon moon
  9. September 2  corn moon
  10. October 1  harvest moon
  11. October 31  blue moon
  12. November 30  beaver moon
  13. December 29  cold moon

Lots more Full Moon 411 here!  Enjoy the Happy Full Moon Fevers during 2020!