Most Popular Dessert Recipe Ever …Tested!

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars
Photo credit Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars - 2/23/20 Heather Rivera
By Mix 94.7
Hi! Got another peek at Spring like weather this weekend, so I thought I would try a recipe I ran across on It's been around for several years, and the headline that made me click claimed it's 'The Most Popular Dessert Recipe ... Ever!'  I had See if these ice cream bars are all that. 

Here's a quickie collage photo shot of the making of Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bars
The plus is you can actually eat the batter w/out worrying about getting sick because the sandwich pieces of the ice cream bar is edible cookie dough. It was easy to mix. It's easy to add & substitute items in the recipe. I did a multi - chip mixture in my bars, and used Butter Pecan Coffee Creamer rather than milk. You need to have about an hour in the freezer for the cookie dough to set, before spreading the ice cream in between them, then another 6-8 hours to freeze them. (8 hours is best).  It's a recipe that is easy to make, but you do need to set aside time. A night before, or early in the day making the bars so they have time to freeze needs to be planned out. 
honey Ted & I thought they were tasty too. These would be especially yummy and cool to make when the Central Texas Heat comes back at us in full swing. The edible cookie dough is also good to make as is. You could ball it up and put it in ice cream. Or just eat it as is. Is it the Bet Recipe Ever? ...  not the Best Dessert Recipe we have eaten. Although it is really yummy, and easy to make (planning for freezing time). Kiddos would enjoy eating them, and making them too. I say it's up there in recipes to have in your collection when you're hankering for edible cookie dough / or ice cream combo. Give it a try and let me know what you think? Click here for the recipe!  Happy Dessert Eating & Enjoying!