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Thrillist released a list of newbie board games to kick up the fun at home. Grab the drinks and snacks! Game Night On! 

The Alpha 

  • 3 - 6 players
  • 45 minute playtime
  •  Fans of Risk 
  • Game Goal: Your wolf pack needs to dominate the Northern Forest by hunting more food than the rival packs and stave off starvation. Each round represents a week and contains four stages: stalk, chase, resolve, and advance. 


  • 3 - 6 players
  • 35 minutes playtime
  • Fans of Monopoly & The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Game Goal: You're a trader cornering the market to earn the highest net-worth. Beware of the market bubble.

Half Truth

  • 2 - 6 players
  • 30 - 45 minutes playtime
  • Fans of Jeopardy! & Trivial Pursuit
  • Game Goal: Blending trivia and poker to strategically bet on how well you know the topics. The bigger the bet, the more victory points you can earn. Play it safe, or bet it all.

Off Topic

  • 2 - 8 players
  • 30 - 90 minutes playtime
  • Fans of Scattergories & 5 Second Rule
  • Game Goal: Rolling the 20-sided letter die to select a letter and grab a prompt card. Players have 2 minutes to respond to the prompts with words beginning w/ the letter selected. The player w/ the most unique words during that time wins the round. Up to 18 rounds can be played. Winner of the most rounds wins the game.


  • 3 - 8 players
  • 35 - 120 minutes playtime
  • Fans of Phase 10 & Hollywood
  • Game Goal: You're a film producer on a tight budget needing to find a crew to create your vision. Your card table will take you through all the hurdles of making a motion picture. Designed by a  film producer.  Lights ... Camera ... Card Game!

Thrillist Best Classic Board Games

Game On Bonus! Heather's Pick:
Hocus Pocus Cookies & milk (Caramel Baileys / Kahlúa for adult beverage add)