One Kiss on the Forehead is Better than many on the Lips

Couple Forehead Kiss
Photo credit jacoblund / GettyImages
By Mix 94.7

When I saw this article about why One Forehead Kiss is better and more personal than Many Kisses on the Lips, got me thinking. When was the last time honey Ted kissed me on the forehead? Most of the time if a forehead kiss breaks out it's when I'm not feeling well, or had dental work going on. According to this write up he's showing me intimate comfort and protection. Which is true. It could also partly be he doesn't want to get sick, or taste my nasty dental work mouth ... LOL.  Overall, I'm pretty sure it has to do w/ the Love & Affection part. We've been together for 27 years .. .married 18 of those. We've shared lots of Kisses. Each day I have to Kiss honey Ted, I'm thankful for these gifts of Love. 

So are Forehead Kisses more Personal than Lip Kisses? Yes! ... According to these 8 reasons:

  1. A Forehead Kiss is a way to say ... "I think you're great' or 'you're perfect'
  2. An excellent way to communicate without words
  3. Shows love and care and makes you feel protected and safe
  4. Your third eye chakra is on the forehead. Kissing the forehead is like touching your soul
  5. A Kiss on the Forehead when your honey comes home shows you they were 'Thinking of you' / 'Cared about you all-day.' 
  6. Showing an Emotional Connection, without pushing a sexual one
  7. A Forehead Kiss is a great way to show public affection w/ out too much attention
  8. A Forehead Kiss shows your appreciate and respect for your honey 

Here's a question I haven't asked myself before. Why do Guys Kiss Your Forehead?  When I think about it ... I rarely Kiss honey Ted's Forehead, way less than he does mine. My Daddy would Kiss me on the Forehead. My Mama  rarely Kissed my Forehead ...  It does seem more like a Guy thing ... 

So does this change your feelings on Forehead vs Lip Kisses?