Queen & Slim - Must Watch Movie

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By Mix 94.7
A recent movie date night at home with honey Ted, we watched Queen & Slim. Written by Emmy-winning writer Lena Waithe. Directed by Melina Matsoukas. Starring  Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out / Oscar nominee) as Slim, and Jodie Turner-Smith (first feature film) as Queen. Queen & Slim's first date goes from a nice dinner out to a traffic stop gone bad. This stop leads to the rest of their journey together determined by the actions of those they run into. The expected outcome turns into a surprise ending. Through the torrential storms of racism , violence and the pure evil ugliness of human nature, blooms a Powerful Love that's everlasting.
I suggest putting  Queen & Slim on your Netflix must watch list. The movie showcases the unbalanced nature in the circumstances that cause great conflicts between black and white people. While also showing a side that each are surprised by the other when human kindness kicks in. Queen & Slim is a story that's taken from reality. It fits so many things that are happening now, and has happened in the past. Unfortunately what will continue to happen, until there is Social Justice for ALL.
It's a story that includes you on Queen & Slim's journey that will make you uncomfortable, think, feel and learn. I feel this helps with the character growth of those who are watching it unfold.  It gave me a better understanding of something I personally know nothing about, and wish many others who do, did not have too. Be grateful for each day we can experience LIVING in a world of beautiful diversity, rather than turning diversity into something hateful. A line to remember 'Can I be your Legacy?'  WATCH QUEEN & SLIM ... 
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