Recipes to Get Your Snacky Snack On!

Meal Snacking
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By Mix 94.7
I'm a big fan of Snacks. The mama warning growing up .. "Don't eat a Snack now, you will spoil your Meal.". Got me thinking ... "Why can't I Snacky Snack for the meal?"  It's not uncommon to Snack during a holiday. 
Here are some recipes I ran across that could make a perfect combo of a Snack that can fill you up like a Meal. Much like chips and queso with your margarita that you can easily fill you up. Here are some other ideas to mix the Snackin' Up!  Happy Labor Day and any Snacky Snack Day! 
One of the best Snacky Snack Meals can be a PB & J. Here it is KICKED UP! 
You can definitely take care of a sweet tooth craving w/ this dip. Add yummies like fruit, pretzels, chips, bread cubes ... Get the Holiday Snacky Snack Meal On! 
Okay, it's not always a nutritious meal. In moderation you can have some yummy fun. A couple / few times a week, make it a Snacky Snack Meal! Include your family / quarantine friends in the mix ... Good Yummy Snacky Snack Times!  
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