Social Distancing with these Cookies Can Rock!

Cookie Crumbl
Photo credit Cookie Crumbl in the SW ATX AREA 3/14/20
By Mix 94.7

honey Ted, Rudy & I were getting groceries on Saturday, with frustration.  We had to go to 4 different stores in order to get most of our normal groceries. Big Nos on the maybe we'll luck out and find toilet paper, hand sanitizer and wipes.  BIG NO on those, which thank goodness we had a little more at home before they are gone. Hoping that folks will stop stockpiling and share a bit. Anyway, the frustration settled down when we drove past a sign that said Crumble Cookie in Sunset Valley.  What's that?  Well, we turned in to find out.

Crumble Cookie / Sunset Valley is near Doc’s Backyard and Tarka. honey Ted went in to see what yummies they had. Of course he didn't walk out w/ one, because a box of 4 was a much better deal w/ tax $13 & change.

Crumbl Cookie 4 pack

This would make Crumbl Cookies  FANCY GOURMET COOKIES by our standards. They were BIG COOKIES!  Much Bigger and Thicker than they look on their website! But does a big taste go w/ the size? I've had GOURMET COOKIES that all taste the same, which were very little taste at all.  Not the case for Crumble Cookie ... you could definitely TASTE their BIG COOKIES!

Of course taste / flavor is subjective and opinion for each person. This is what honey Ted & I thought. 

1st  Special Flavor of the Week Yummy: Cinnamon Swirl  OMG! This one is even better the 2nd day. It's like eating a cinnamon roll cookie!  (Rudy snuck a crumb and had instant Love!) 2nd Standard Yummy : Milk Chocolate Chip Light buttery flavor w/ yummy milk chocolate chips. I only wish there were more chips in it, but the chocolate lover in me would. 3rd Special Flavor of the Week Yummy: Salted Carmel Cheesecake  It didn't taste like cheesecake to me? Cream cheese frosting on a tasty cookie w/ the salted carmel. The carmel was a bit sour for my taste, but overall the cookie was tasty, but not a fav I thought it would be. 4th Standard Yummy: Chilled Sugar Cookie IT'S BIG ALL OVER! honey Ted & I thought the taste was okay / good, but not our fav! 
Chilled Sugar (cookied)
There are 100 different flavor cookies that rotate weekly. You'll find 4 Special Weekly Flavors w/ their standards Milk Chocolate Chip & Chilled Sugar The really BIG CRUMBL COOKIE shock I had was when I looked up the cookies nutrition. They have it right on the bottom of their homepage. If you are counting calories, then good thing to do. If not, the DON'T, or you may be in shock like we were. We figured their cookies are bigger than most, so calories /fat would be a bit more.
This week 's Crumbl Cookies are Lucky Charms, Birthday Cake, Muddy Buddy, Midnight Mint and their 2 standards. You can check out their nutrition value, which I had honey Ted ask to make sure. Each cookie is 2 servings, but the nutrition value is for 1 serving, even though it says serves 2. So double the figures you see! IT SHOCKED ME!  These would have to be more of a special occassion cookie to split /eat for me. Of course you can make anyday special if you want ... Social Distancing Days w/ cookies could Rock! 

Crumble Cookie is taking precautions with coronavirus / COVID-19 concerns.They have delivery too. Although they won't be delivering to hospitals & nursing homes to protect those who are vulnerable and older. 

Crumbl Cookie Sunset Valley Storefront