Random Midweek Tidbit: Texas Horned Lizards can shoot blood from their eyes!

Texas Horny Lizard / Toad
Photo credit Ivan Elizondo/ Getty Images
By Mix 94.7

My friend Sheryl posted a video about the Texas Horned Lizard / Horny Toad. I learned they shoot blood out of their eyes for protection. As weird as that sounds, it looks badass when it works for them.. 

Texas Horned Lizards /  Horny Toads are all over, and not just in Texas, but they are in danger of becoming extinct due to urbanization and pesticide use. Biologists with the Texas Parks and Wildlife and 3 Texas zoos are working together to try to grow the population so they will be able to keep squirting blood and doing their thing.  I have also learned that Baby Horned Lizards are really cute. Biologists hope in helping to grow the population and releasing a large number for them in the Texas terrain / mountains, this will lead to self- sustaining populations. 

You can become a Horned Lizard Watcher here!  #1Thing Doer too!