This is what Fanboy Love looks like!

Alex Rodriguez
Photo credit Alex Rodriguez 2014 - Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports
By Mix 94.7

When honey Ted & I were watching the Excellent Halftime Performance w/ Jennifer Lopez & Shakira, I mentioned to him I bet Alex is dancing around showing his support for his beautiful & talented sweetheart. I wasn't disappointed finding out his tweet for JLo has been trending. Alex was a true Fanboy during the performance getting his groove on w/ the fans!  This is True Fanboy Love ...

I'm really enjoying these 2 as a couple. I'm looking forward to seeing more Fanboy & Fangirl moments coming from Alex & JLo. Right now they seem to be each other's Biggest Fans, which means to me they REALLY LIKE each other w/ their BIG LOVE! I would think this would help w/ celebrity couple staying-together power.

honey Ted and I are each other's Biggest Fans and Best Friends, and we've been together for 27 years (married 18 years). LOVING & LIKING each other , seems to work for us ... so far ... 
Me & honey Ted