Try Greening Your Music. Help Save the Planet!

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By Mix 94.7

Have you gone through your ear candy collection lately, realizing you have lots!  Are you still getting CDs? Here's a simple 1Thing you can do. Get rid of the CDs. Get MP3s. Reducing the clutter! Helping to Save the Planet by reducing and recycling the waste.

How does getting rid of CDs help the Planet?

The Eco Coalition found it takes 300 cubic feet of natural gas, 2 cups of crude oil and 24 gallons of water to make one pound of plastic.1 CD with a jewel case, before adding the metallic layer and the energy needed to get the CD to you, takes this to create:

  • 60 cubic feet of natural gas
  • 0.4 cups of crude oil
  • 4.8 gallons of water

It's true digital downloads and streaming services aren't totally free of impact w/ the energy it takes to power the cloud and web servers. Although, compare this energy to what it takes to manufacture CDs and shipping to the customer, when spread over the millions of users it has very little impact. Listening to the radio, streaming and digital downloads are much better ways to get your ear candy, with way less harm to Planet Earth! A Win/ Win for all! 

What should you do w/ all your old CDs?

  • DIY projects can be fun. Turn them into a craft, artsy decoration or something you can use.. coasters .. wall art... 
  • If you're not artsy or into crafts, don't toss them in the trash that will head to a landfill. Recycle them. CD Recycling Center of America has tips and leads.

CDs can be recycled for use in new products such as automotive parts, office equipment, alarm boxes and panels, street lights and jewel cases. Find out lots more here! Have a Happy time enjoying your Greener Music .