Virtual Field Trips from Home w/ the Kiddos

Photo credit monkeybusinessimages / GettyImages
By Mix 94.7

A big 'ole wrench named COVID-19 / Coronavirus has been thrown into our daily lives / Spring Break. Staying home! Social Distancing isn't easy for adults to do. Expecting kiddos to do it... Happily can be a challenge. Thanks to Free Fun in Austin. They have a bunch of family fun thingies you can explore from the comforts of your own home. Whether it's in ATX, Texas or beyond in other countries. Virtual tours can be a fun time w/ the kiddos. Keep them happy & agreeable, while teaching them a few thingies too. Take a virtual tour or two, or three .. with many to choose from. Get you ready when you can see them in person. Starts w/ Museums of Texas ...