Ways to Give Back to our Neighbors in Austin

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Free Fun in Austin has several suggestions of ways to give back to our neighbors in need in Austin.  Whether it's a message, making something or making a donation, there are many ways you can help spread the neighborly love. There are many ways you can help others within the comfort of your own home. Social Distancing Friendly ...

Spread the Neighborly Love in ATX:

Bear Walks
  • Put a Teddy Bear in your window. When neighborhood kids are going for Bear 'hunt' walks w/ their families they can spot them.

Share An Inspiring Message 

  • Write a message / have your kiddos write a message that neighbors can see when they are stretching their legs on a walk.


  • Thousands of people across the nation have joined forces through social media to drop off  and / or ship sewn masks to Austin area healthcare workers.

Help a Senior 

  • Drive A Senior-West is busy building and implementing a neighborhood emergency food bank for ANY senior in our service area..Get more info here.

Give Blood

  • Central Texas’ blood bank is in serious need of blood donations. The more people home, the more blood drives canceled. More info here.

Be a Runner

  • The Facebook group Runner City was created for locals that have been temporarily or permanently put out of work due to COVID shutdowns all over the city. All Runners work independently on tips for pickup deliveries. Find out more here. 

Happy Hour With Your Favorite Bartenders! 

  • This Facebook group assigns shifts to bartenders from your favorite local bars. They host virtual happy hours and work it like they would at the bar. Tips are given through the Venmo app. 

Two Thirteen

  • You shop and give. Buy a shirt, bandana, or koozie and give the proceeds to a member of the Austin hospitality industry. They get the much needed funds, and you get cool merch.

Swap & Barter 

  • Free Stuff in ATX has become one of the fastest growing Facebook Groups. You need something, and have something someone else wants. Swap / Barter is becoming big in ATX especialy since COVID-19 has steamrolled into our lives. Click here!

Foster a Pet w/ Austin Pets Alive!

  • APA! is looking for fosters for their furbaies. Click here to see the furbabies and how to help. Rudy, an APA! Parvo survivor, gives this 2 Paws Up! 

Drop Off Personal Protection Gear 

  • Help with the shortage supplies of protective gear for the medical community and healthcare workers in the Austin area. The Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is partnering with the City of Austin Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) and Austin Public Health (APH) to facilitate the collection of protective gear from the public. More here.

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