Workout from Home w/ Selena Gomez's Trainer

Selena Gomez big donation Cedars Sinai Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Photo credit Photo by Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / Sipa USA.
By Mix 94.7

Are you feeling the effects of the Physical Distancing Diet staying at home during the Covid-19 outbreak? I ran across some Selena Gomez moves you could try from her Hot Pilates trainer Shannon Nadj. Shannon shares 15 moves that require no equipment. You can do in your home. Selena pays around $300 an hour for a class, and looking fabulous. This is a nice workout Feel the Burn freebie. I would say take baby steps if you haven't done pilates / or much before. I have learned the hard way w/ muscle pulls before.  

Hot Pilates Workout w/ Selena's Trainer instructions :Do 10 reps of each movement listed below, then repeat the entire sequence 3 times for a total 30 minute full body workout. Remember to breathe, engage your core at all times and concentrate on form. The 15 moves in description with a few examples from Shannon can be found here!  It starts w/ a Cat Cow warm up move ... my abs / body hurt already. 


Bonus workout a few years ago, that will test your ab & leg muscles.  Selena Gomez  tried tested too!