Would you hike on this trail?

 serikbaib / Getty Images
Photo credit serikbaib / Getty Images
By Mix 94.7
Many have been going on more hikes to enjoy nature while having enough room to social distance. If you had the chance would you hike on this trail? Atlanta's Doll's Head Trail. Some consider it to be the 'Creepiest Hike in the Country' for sure one of the strangest. 

A carpenter Joel Slaton created Doll's Head Trail after being inspired by the junk he was finding hiking through the park. Every piece that's displayed along the Doll's Head Trail is made from objects recovered from the area including doll parts, bottles and even applicances. Joel even invites hikers to create their own art, just don't mess w/ the existing displays. Who would have thought you're doing something good for the environment hiking among doll heads. Would you hike it? 

Bucket List travel hike: Doll's Head Trail /  Constitution Lakes Park at 1305 South River Industrial Boulevard SE in Atlanta, Georgia. Not far from the airport.