Yes! There's an App for Making Washing Your Dang Hands Fun! Celebrity Approved!

Washing Hands
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By Mix 94.7

Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds! Sing Happy Birthday Twice ... If Happy Birthday's getting old, how about this ... Remember to keep Washing Your Dang Hands! Have Fun while you're doing it! 

Try this! Wash Your Lyrics  created by William Gibson, 17-year-old developer in U.K.He created way to pair your favorite song lyrics to hand -washing techinques. Here's a couple of Celebrity Powered Posters ...

Try it! It's Awesome!   Here's what I got typing in a fav from The Killers! Gotta find some Fun in all this alarming, overwhelming, stressful Chaos of Coronavirus that seems like it's tossing out never ending Friday the 13th Feels. Happy Washing! 

Wash Your Lyrics - The Killers Somebody Told Me
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