Sean Mack's TV review: "Normal People"

By Mix 94.7

While we live the quarantine life, we need new shows to watch.  Well if you have Hulu, let me recommend one: "Normal People".


This 12-episode show is based on a New York Times Best-Seller.  It follows the relationship between two Irish high school kids and their various life experiences through college and into young adulthood.  The male lead, Connell, is a popular but misunderstood athlete.  His mother is the maid for Marianne’s house, a schoolmate who lives a life of solitude away from friends and family.  They eventually form a friendship and fall in love-keeping it a secret from everyone they know.  Spoiler alert, this is easier said than done and their relationship grows more complex and layered over the years. 

The show is beautifully shot-so many scenes in it look like they could be paintings.  The two leads are really good and have great on-screen chemistry-you’ll find yourself getting really invested in their story.  It reminded me a little bit of “The Wonder Years”, but a more adult version.  Speaking of which, don’t watch this around the kids!  There’s all types of hooking up happening throughout.  All in all, a really good show and perfect for a binge watch!