Drake goes 0 to 100 real wicks, dropping his own line of candles

That's right, you're house could smell like a 'Certified Lover Boy'
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Ever wonder what Drake smells like? Lol, that was rhetorical, of course you have. Well now you no longer have to imagine it, you’ll be able to experience it, but in candle form. So don’t get too excited, but also, get excited.

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Though there’s yet to be an official announcement, Drake seems to be gearing up for the  launch of a candle company, Better World Fragrance House, with one candle in particular possessing his signature scent.

While we always imagined Drake to smell of heartbreak, Champagne, sensitivity, "Tuscan Leather," with base notes of "Passionfruit" - It has been brought to our attention, that he in fact he smells of musk, ambers, cashmere, suede, and velvet. Whatever, we were kinda close.

Drake first alluded to his upcoming project back in June, by teasing the brand on his Instagram stories, and now that an official IG account (which only follows Drake and Drake Related accounts) has been created, and a mysteriously minimal website has popped up, we can almost smell the impending debut.

Us being us, we had to know more, and after doing our Nancy Drew thang, we found some more intel. Don’t worry you can thank us later (lol see what we did there). According to an under-wraps sneak peek being offered on Revolve, the candles were developed with perfumer Michael Carby and are expected to launch this holiday season, so any day now. Five candles are listed; Good Thoughts, Sweeter Tings, Williamsburg Sleepover, Muskoka, and Carby Musk - that’s the Drake one and at $80, also the most expensive of the bunch, with the other four candles priced at $45.

Uhhh, $80 for our house to smell like a Certified Lover Boy, yes please, sign us up.

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