Artist to Artist: The Pixies Have Tough Answers for Dinosaur Pile-Up

The bands have shared a lot over the past few years

Out of all the bands that have opened for the Pixies throughout their amazing career, Dinosaur Pile-Up are definitely one of them.

“Do you remember us?” asks drummer Mike Sheils, as lead singer Matt Bigland erupts in laughter in the Artist to Artist exclusive above. “Can we go on tour again?” adds Matt.

We took Dinosaur Pile-Up’s questions to the source, and asked the influential icons if they recall sharing the stage with the British alt-rockers. “The first question they asked was ‘do you remember us?’” Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago states plainly, moving us to the edge of our seats. “No.”

“You will have the privilege of not knowing an opening band someday, Dinosaur Pile-Up” he continues, remembering the Pixies have had countless openers since their debut over 30 years ago. “I know you’re a good band. I know you’re gonna make it where you’re not gonna even know the opening band. And you won’t even care.”

See guys, it’s not you, it’s them.

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The two bands actually do share a lot in common though, including producer Tom Dalgety, who is a friend of the folks in Dinosaur Pile-Up, and the man behind the Pixies’ new album, Beneath the Eyrie. “Was he as much of a nightmare as he was working with us?” jokes Sheils in his question to the Pixies. “We can say that because we’re friends with him.”

“Tom’s fantastic, we did two albums with him,” answers Pixies drummer David Lovering. “He’s a nice enough chap that I’ve never had any problems, before and after, so.”

0 for 2 Dinosaur Pile-Up. Better luck next tour.

For more on the Pixies new album Beneath the Eyrie, recorded with a “nice enough chap,” you can watch our full talk with the band below.


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