Billie Eilish Reveals the Most Exciting Thing About Turning 18

The GRAMMY nominee stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Billie Eilish is nominated for 6 GRAMMY Awards and has already sold out most of next year’s tour, but with all the success there’s something slightly smaller that the “bad guy” singer can’t wait to do.

Eilish stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night to talk about the excitement of being the youngest artist in history with nominations in the top four GRAMMY categories, and also looked ahead to her eighteenth birthday, happening December 18.

“The main thing I’m excited about is to be able to drive my car past 11,” she smiles as Kimmel reacts in shock. “That’s like all I’ve been thinking about.”

“That’s the law? You can’t drive after 11?” Kimmel questions.

“You have to either have had your license for a whole year or be 18, and I was so busy – I mean, my life was pretty crazy in the last couple years, so I got to it a little bit late, even though it’s something I’ve literally wanted to do my entire life. All I ever wanted to do was drive.”

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Billie already has the car ready to go, and there’s no keeping her from the late night road next month. “Do you drive safely?” Kimmel asks, as Eilish’s eyes light up with mischief. “I drive funly,” she laughs.

As for the history-making nominations, the “everything i wanted” singer is still in shock over the moment. “I mean the GRAMMYs are the GRAMMYs. As cool as everything else is, it’s like the GRAMMYs,” she stresses. “I’ve watched that every single year of my entire life.”

“The fact that I’m the same little girl watching that in my living room and then I’m still in that same living room being nominated for 6, what is that?”

You can find all of Billie Eilish’s nominations for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards here. This weekend she will also be performing at the 2019 American Music Awards, happening Sunday November 24 at 8PM ET on ABC.

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