Billie Eilish shares the advice she got from Alicia Keys after record-breaking GRAMMY night

Wise words from a musical legend to a burgeoning star

Billie Eilish was apt to heed wise words from music legend Alicia Keys after hauling in 11 GRAMMY awards last January.

"The next day, we were over here and Alicia Keys called me and she wanted to congratulate me and she basically said on the phone which is something I hold so dear to me," the 18-year-old artist said during her Monday stop on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "And she called me and was like, 'I just wanted to say, don't be embarrassed for being dope.'"

Eilish’s brother/singer-songwriter FINNEAS was also present. Billie described the sibling duo’s astonishment when the GRAMMY spotlight fell on them. "It was pretty peak, not because we won, but just because we were there. Just being nominated is so amazing and rare. So that was... we were already happy," she told Fallon.

"I remember when we got there that morning me and FINNEAS were like, 'We're good, we don't need to win. We're already here. We're not worried if we win or don't win. It's just amazing that we get to be here.'"

Billie also shared details about her work on the latest theme song for the James Bond film No Time To Die. The movie franchise’s legacy weighed heavy on Eilish during the recording process. "You know it's a lot of pressure, it's a f***ing Bond song, so we were pretty stumped,” she explained.

“And there was just one day where FINNEAS was playing on the piano and he played this one melody," she carried the harmony, "and we were just like [yes]!"

The track dropped back in early February, and an accompanying music video was released last week. Eilish made history with this project, becoming the youngest person to record a theme for the movie franchise. She’s also the first American artist to record a Bond theme since Jack White and Alicia Keys collaborated on 2008’s “Another Way To Die.”

No Time to Die was originally scheduled to release last November to all theaters but has been postponed many times due to COVID-19 safety protocol, and the original directory Danny Boyle leaving the project. A new release date has been set for April 20, 2021.

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