EXCLUSIVE: Mark Hoppus Weighs In on Which Blink-182 Member Is Joe Exotic in 'Tiger King' Meme

‘Deeply in love and raising cats’

Where would we be without Tiger King?

The Netflix show has swooped in to save us from ourselves during the time of social distancing, uniting us all under one common cause – to prove that Carole Baskin fed her husband to a tiger. As the outside world remains uncertain, the erratic and eccentric behavior of Joe Exotic seems to be our most reliable resource for joy. The absolutely astounding series has touched every corner of the internet, connecting us all and bringing us closer.

It even works on the estranged, as a Tiger King meme posted by Tom DeLonge prompted a hilarious back and forth between Tom and former blink-182 bandmate Mark Hoppus on Instagram.

After DeLonge proclaimed that he was Joe Exotic, in a picture of the show’s star with his two husbands, Hoppus argued, “the hell you’re Joe. I’m Joe.”

“Either way, you and I end up deeply in love and raising cats,” Tom answered.

The post immediately fueled speculation for an original lineup reunion, but Hoppus is more concerned with who is the one true Joe Exotic. In an interview with RADIO.COM's Stryker on KROQ in Los Angeles, the blink bassist says he has watched the show and has some questions.

"I always wonder when people post that specific meme, who's supposed to be who in that scenario?" he asks in the clip above.

Blink-182 moved on from DeLonge in 2015, after tensions arose within the band over scheduling conflicts and more. Matt Skiba joined the group for 2016’s California album, and the follow-up released in September, NINE.

"It's very fascinating," he adds about Tiger King. "It's so much information to take in. At the end of each episode I'm like, 'now who the hell is this dude?'"

"It's definitely something that, when we look back on this time, it's going to be that show that kind of, i don't know, brings everybody together."

Blink-182 is currently asking for fans to send in clips of how they are practicing social distancing, to be a part of their upcoming "Happy Days" video.

You can hear more from Hoppus on "Happy Days," video games, and more in the full clip above.

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