Carey Hart Gave Pink the Perfect Birthday Tribute

A few touching and embarrassing photos paint the pop star as a loving mom

P!nk’s husband, Carey Hart, celebrated his wife’s 41st birthday posting an assortment of embarrassing and touching photos to Instagram, Tuesday.

"Happy birthday to my MUCH better half, @pink. I’ve been w/ you for almost half of your life!" the former motocross star captioned alongside the couple sporting glam-rock threads, including P!nk’s heart shaped pasty. "It’s been so amazing to watch you grow from a young hell raiser, to the best mom to ever do it, role model, philanthropist, icon, and wife.”

The photo collection also includes candid moments between P!nk and her children, with a fun photo of the couple threaded up in mobster attire. “Enjoy your birthday baby. Willz, jamo, and myself love you," Hart lovingly writes.

Not to be out done, the artist posted a video filled with self-affirmation and a recognition of this tumultuous year. "I feel so loved, and I’m so grateful,” P!nk said. “And I’ve decided since it’s 118 degrees and it’s raining ash, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I thought I would try to, for my birthday, spread some self-love in the world.”

She also encouraged fans to think positively during these trying times. “Today, tomorrow, your next birthday. I’m going to try to figure out 41 things I love about myself. And since we’re all sliding sideways into the apocalypse, I thought it would be a good time to do it.”

Fans eager for more access to P!nk will have to wait just a little longer. Emmy-nominated Ozark editor Cindy Mollo told ABC News that a documentary about the singer’s life is currently in the works for Amazon.

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