Dawes' Latest Single Addresses Silent Pain of Mental Health

'Didn't Fix Me' includes a heartfelt animated music video

Dawes’ latest single "Didn't Fix Me” puts America’s ongoing mental health crisis into quaint terms, recognizing a distorted self-perception many people carry, but refuse to acknowledge.

The fourth song from the Los Angeles-based band’s upcoming studio LP, Good Luck with Whatever, features an animated music video depicting a deformed oblong character searching for inner peace among joyful peers, carrying a fragmented countenance.

Gentle lyrics finally lead to the character’s realization that everyone is a little broken. He builds a relationship with another character to cope with mental illness.

“I finally found someone that loves me/ And to her I will be true/ She sees the ways in which I’m ugly/ And loves me for those reasons too/ And even though I’m feeling stronger/ Than I ever thought I could/ It still didn’t fix me.”

During an interview with Consequence of Sound, lead singer Taylor Goldsmith talks about the track’s dichotomy between hurt and healing. "Now more than ever, we’re all on our own journeys to try and feel just a little bit better. Of course, the double-edged sword of it all is no matter how good a place we find ourselves in, this year has made it ever more clear that such harmony is frail,” he said.

“But as anyone with any experience giving or receiving mental health advice will tell you, that’s normal. Feeling 100% all the time is an unfeasible expectation — and that’s okay.”

Good Luck with Whatever is due out October 2.

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