EXCLUSIVE: 311 Celebrates Their 30th Anniversary on 311 Day

Come original to this major milestone

Today is a 311 Day to top all 311 Days, as the band marks their 30th anniversary. It’s a year-long party for the Omaha band, that formed on June 10, 1990 – but no day sticks out like March 11, as the annual celebration of the band shifts into monumental milestone mode.

“Fans came up with the concept of 311 Day,” bassist P-Nut tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive video above. “They’re like ‘hey it’s the third month and the eleventh day, you should do something special.’ And we’re like, ‘well we really should have thought of that. Thank you for being smarter than us.’”

"Yoink, we'll take that, thank you," smiles Nick Hexum.

On this 311 Day, the band will take the stage in Las Vegas. They are hitting each of the 50 states this year in honor of 30 year together, partly on tour with Incubus this summer. But 311 Day lands a little different than all the rest. “It’s something that’s made for the fans, kinda by the fans, because they want to hear the songs that we don’t play on a summer tour,” confesses P-Nut.

The date is circled on the calendar for all 311 fans, some new and some since the beginning, all impacted by the band over the last 3 decades.

“Another thing I love about the fans and something that hits me really hard in the heart and gives me the feels, is that people find their soulmates at shows," P-Nut shares. He found his, meeting his wife at a concert. It’s happened a lot over the past 30 years of 311. “I was on stage, so I had a little but more presence,” P-Nut laughs.

311 released their 13th studio album, Voyager, in July. You can watch the band talk more about the making of the album below.


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