How to watch Billie Eilish's concert live stream

Finally some good news

Billie Eilish is ready to break out of the quarantine doldrums and perform for an audience… a digital audience.

The five-time GRAMMY award winner announced her latest live stream concert “WHERE DO WE GO? LIVESTREAM.” Billie posted the good news on Instagram with an ominous picture of her burnt infrared frame against pure red. “miss doing shows so muuuuuch😭,” the singer captioned.

“soo I’m doing a livestream October 24th and i can’t wait to be performing agaaaain. get your tickets now!”

Tickets are $30 each. Fans can reserve their digital seats via her website. Apparently there’s an active merch deal but those details, and specifics about the concert, are still under wraps.

Elish was forced to cancel her in-person “WHERE DO WE GO?” tour dates for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but she hasn’t let COVID-19 stall any side projects. She released her latest single “My Future,” then performed the track during a livestreamed performance at the Democratic National Convention, back in August. She even called out party-goers for their brazen attitude during COVID.

Arguably her splashiest release came when the alt-pop superstar finally released a music video for “No Time to Die,” the latest theme song in the James Bond movie franchise.

The track dropped back in early February to promote the upcoming Bond film by the same name. Eilish made history with this project, becoming the youngest person to record a theme for the movie franchise. She’s also the first American artist to record a Bond theme since Jack White and Alicia Keys collaborated on 2008’s “Another Way To Die.”

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