See Radiohead singer Thom Yorke in an amazing 1986 throwback picture

The 1980's were not kind to Thom and his turtle neck

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien dug deep into his photo album to post a choice retro picture of Thom Yorke on the frontman’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday Thomas.... hope its a beautiful day for you and yours....” Ed commented in the tweet. “Thank you for the deep friendship, the laughs, the love and the inspiration my Brother 🙏❤️❤️this was taken at a band practice at Abingdon Community Centre in April 1986...”

Considering it was taken in 1986, everything checks out with this photo of Yorke. Let’s not forget the popular air force film Top Gun was released this same year. Yorke seems to be emitting some real Ice Man vibes with his blonde pseudo-flattop.

1986 was also when The Smiths’ popularity reached new heights in the “New Wave” explosion of music from Great Britain. Look hard enough and it seems Thom might be emulating these handsome blokes below:

The lead singer was looking far more handsome during his wedding to Italian actress Dajana Roncione, back in September. Photographer Greg Williams documented the occasion and posted photos of the happy couple on Instagram. One snapshot depicts Thom and Dajana sprawled across a lavish ottoman wearing peaceful smiles and wedding garb. “@thomyorke and @dajana_roncione chilling after tying the knot in Sicily last night,” the photographer captioned.

Greg then caught Roncione bounding down a narrow hall in pursuit of her husband. “Newlyweds @thomyorke and @dajana_roncione on Saturday night in Sicily,” the caption reads.

Radiohead have spent their COVID quarantine working on side projects, including a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the cover artwork for the band’s 2004 EP, Com Lag. The group has also offered fans a slew of live concert streams from their extensive archives.

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