EXCLUSIVE: The Driver Era Serves up an Acoustic Performance and Trade 'Rush Hour' Quotes

Hear the band strip down their new song “A Kiss”

“Oh bro I got a good one!” Ross Lynch screams with excitement, furiously tapping his brother on the shoulder. He’s not talking about music, or even really answering a question – Ross and his brother Rocky Lynch are just delighting each other with lines from Rush Hour.

The film franchise starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker brings them both all the joy, and it surely occupies a lot of the down time for The Driver Era. “That movie, they just don’t mess around in that movie,” Rocky says as he smiles.

The duo just released two new songs, their first since dropping their debut album in June. The brothers who live in Los Angeles and Vancouver respectively, work on their own, but when the two come together them seem to always find the same vibe.

“I tell Rocky all the time I’m like, ‘bro you better send me that song so I can obsess over it,’” Ross says in the exclusive interview above, as Rocky laughs. “We would love to release another album hopefully before we go on tour next year. There’s quite a few obstacles and we’re just gonna have to put our heads down and get it done.”

“I think we will, because that’s something we want to do” Rocky stresses.

“If we don’t release songs then we’re just gonna have more of a pile up on our hard drive and we don’t need that,” Ross interjects. “And we’ll just be really angry, all the time,” Rocky continues.

Once they stopped quoting Rush Hour, we finally talked The Driver Era into playing a few songs. Check out their intimate performance of the brand new tune, “A Kiss,” and “Welcome to the End of Your Life” from their debut album X.

"A Kiss"


“Welcome to the End of Your Life”


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