The Killers Tease New Album With Apparent Song Titles

Ronnie Vannucci Jr (R) and Brandon Flowers of The Killers perform on stage at the Melbourne leg of the Good Vibrations music festival.
The Killers Photo credit Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The Killers’ work on their follow-up to 2017’s Wonderful Wonderful is slowly but steadily progressing.

Without comment, the Las Vegas band posted what appears to be a tracklist or working song titles on social media. There are 13 titles written in teal on a whiteboard followed by various notations in red.

There are check marks next to “Blowback,” “Party People,” “When Dreams Run Dry,” “Dying Bread,” “Caution” and “Man + Women,” possibly indicating those songs have a better chance of making the album, but only the band knows for sure.

The other titles on the list are: “Spirit of Mystery,” “My God,” “Running Towards,” “Fire + Bone,” “Just Can’t Quit,” “Mirage” and “C’est la Vie.”

The post comes nearly six months after The Killers shared a similar photo, and interestingly enough, none of the presumed song titles on that list appear on the new list.

The Killers also posted a picture last December that simply showed the band back at work in a Utah studio.

The Killers’ forthcoming sixth studio album does not have an official release date or a title, but frontman Brandon Flowers has said he thinks early 2020 is realistic.