Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph Is Getting the Nursery Ready

The dad-to-be is prepping for the 2020 arrival

As you know by now, the Skeleton Clique is about to get another member. Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots and his wife Jenna are expecting a baby girl to arrive in 2020, and preparations are underway.

This weekend the singer shared a few shots from inside their nursery, assembling the room and getting things ready for their new baby. Joseph deemed this “soundcheck,” as they await the new headliner coming soon.

Earlier this month, Joseph talked with RADIO.COM’s Stryker and Klein about his feelings with fatherhood fast approaching. "I'm nervous yeah, my wife is pregnant, but I'm so excited," he said with a smile. "My dad is just looking forward to watching me be the dad now."

"I was a frustrating child in many ways. Every time, even when I was young, he would say 'you wait till you have a kid and you've gotta look at him straight in the face.' So he's excited to watch me kind of figure out everything he had to figure out."

Between stressful build sessions in the new nursery, at least Jenna is finding time to relax. The mom-to-be shared this photo earlier this month, enjoying some time to herself with Tyler on the road.

As the couple look towards a new a family member, it’s worth noting how successful the past decade was for twenty one pilots. Joseph along with his other partner, Josh Dun, had the most successful Rock album of the 2010s according to Billboard, and remain a force going into 2020.

We're so excited about soundcheck, we can't wait for the main event.

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